About Darren and Kelly

Darren is a businessman who is the co-founder of the spotless Group, and an experienced public and school speaker and has worked with students all over the UK and internationally over the past five years.

Kelly is businesswoman, she holds a BA in English Literature and a is a Master of Science, and is currently undertaking further study in SPLD's, as part of her studies Kelly has worked with many children of all different ages and capabilities.

So, you can be assured that you are getting fully qualified, exceptional people that children and adults of all ages will engage with and leave feeling motivated and educated on the subject. This courses that the GDA provide are suitable for ALL students and organisations not just those with learning differences and dyslexia. For more information on what the GDA offer please see the ‘services’ section on this website.


The Global Dyslexia Group aims to change the perception of Dyslexia and SpLD’s all across the world, and implement systems of support and education that can be accessed by anyone globally. We believe that everyone can succeed and achieve their dreams regardless of how they learn, they just need the right support. We believe that this support shouldn’t just start and end with the education system but should be there throughout an individual’s entire life. With an emphasis on fun, inspiration and hands on, practical help the GDG will guide, help, support, listen and make real change for anyone of any age dealing with an SpLD. By engaging with us you will learn through laughter, be a trailblazer for change and empower people who deserve to be heard!

Core Values

1 – Education

2- Support

3- Guidance

4- Fun

5- Engagement

6- Change

7- Inclusivity

8- Empowerment

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