Inspirational and Motivational speaking for events
Co-founder Darren Clark is a globally renowned speaker, from school speaking to conferences to business events alike. With a highly inspirational and motivational story, a humor that doesn’t fail to uplift and engage, your audience will be captivated and propelled to be the best that they can be after hearing him.



Co-founder spotless group and the Global Dyslexia Association – Male Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 – International Inspirational speaker – Ambassador for British Dyslexia Association and Dyslexia Kenya – Global Partner for the International Dyslexia Association

Having not been diagnosed with dyslexia until he was in his late thirties, Darren Clark knows too well the struggles faced by people with learning differences. He spent his whole childhood feeling stupid, labelled as unable to learn by the education system, turned away from many jobs because he left school with no qualifications, and became plagued by self-doubt, anxiety and depression in early adulthood. But Darren fought back, challenging these unfair labels, he knew he wasn’t stupid, he just worked differently to achieve his goals and achieve he did. Climbing the ranks from trolley collector to regional director for one of the UK’s largest food retail chains, Darren took control of his life to prove his worth and show the world that regardless of your learning style anything can be achieved. Darren is now a successful entrepreneur having won awards, started and run many businesses and done lots of charity work globally for dyslexia, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

School Talks

Having spoken to over 70,000 students, Darren offers stand-alone assembly talks, where he shares his inspirational, engaging story with all from KS3 upwards. His story will empower students of any learning stage and show them that they can achieve anything with the right amount of determination, support and hard work. The feedback from all of Darren’s school talks have been overwhelming with many students from all over the world writing to tell him of the positive effect his story had on their lives.

Speaking for Business and to Organisations

Working for a large corporate employer, and climbing the hefty ranks from shop floor to regional management is incredibly hard work, it takes perseverance, dedication and much more. Starting and growing your own business from scratch is no easy feat, it takes passion, belief, sacrifice, and everything else in between. Add into the mix and undiagnosed learning difference, and the pressure can feel like a boiling pot. Darren has and still faces barriers at every turn, not to mention the effect this can have on a persons mental health, but Darren advocates courage in the face of adversity and the simple attaining of whatever it is you wish to achieve. Darren will inspire, motivate and educate your employees to pull together their strengths and achieve daily with his story, practical tips and support.

Speaking for Events

Darren is an established keynote speaker and has a large portfolio of events that he has spoken at. If you need a lively , engaging but completely honest and genuine speaker to wow and inspire at your event then you wont be disappointed.

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