Endless Possibilities

Here at the GDG we are passionate about supporting everyone who is involved in the SpLD journey, and that includes parents of children who are getting to grips with a diagnosis or showing signs of a learning difference. We have met so many parents who feel unsupported, and unsure of how best to help their children, and really feel alone in this journey. They worry what this will mean for their child’s future, how will they cope with traditional education when they are already struggling, and sadly many schools are unable to provide the dedicated support a child with an SpLD needs.

Our parent pop up sessions are carried out all over the world, they are private and informative sessions, held in a comfortable environment providing a safe space for parents to meet and discuss their concerns and needs. As a group we provide educational material which will aid in home support, guidance on how to pursue educational support in schools, advise on learning aids that can assist day to day, and showcase how your child will be OK despite this learning difference. Our parents leave not only with practical next steps on how to help their child, but with a new community of support that will grow with them on this journey.

If you are interested in bringing a parent pop up session to your town or find out where your next, and nearest parent pop up session is being held, please contact us at

It really will be OK!

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