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How does your work colleague feel when they turn on their PC???

We need to talk more about neurodiversity in the workplace and how it impacts not just the individual with dyslexia but the whole team. Okay let me explain what I mean about the whole team , just imagine your member of staff has come into work and turned on their computer and is faced with all the letters moving around as they do everyday. Now you will see this member of staff slowly working through the job they have been given, but to the rest of the team this may look like this person is not working at the speed that maybe desired. However, they are probably unaware that their colleague is working so hard to decipher the text and finding the whole process draining. This has a huge effect on the confidence of the staff member, but if we as a company can work with all our staff to understand dyslexia, and provide all the tools to do their job we can unite our workforce and altogether we can achieve much more.

NB- this is not an example of how all dyslexic people experience text, but one of many experiences we have found within our work. click on the # to see other

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