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How Dyslexia Shaped My Future

Have you ever sat in front of your computer and tried to write an email and couldn’t put the words together no matter how hard you tried; you may have just put this down to being tired or being over loaded with work. Well this is a daily struggle for me and many others that suffer from dyslexia.

Now I know all too well that every time I write an email or something on social media I need to get it checked for spelling and grammar mistakes, and even after this blog is finished it won’t look like it currently does as it would have been checked and slightly altered. But I can only speak from my own experiences of this as I know there are many forms of dyslexia, and what may be easy for one is a struggle for another person.

For me dyslexia has always been something that has been with me but it was only at the age of 38 that I was diagnosed with it. My immediate thought was playing the blame game, and thinking that I should have been diagnosed sooner, and maybe the struggles that I had would have been somewhat halved. However, in a strange way I’m quite pleased that this has only just come to light as it has shaped the person I am today. I guess I could be described as a fighter or as I like to call it, ‘a try -er’ as I seem to give most things a go.

I can remember when my struggles with reading and writing became a real problem at secondary school, that moment when you are sitting in class and the teacher is asking each student to come to the front of the class to write on the white board. Now this may seem like quite an easy task however, to me it was like walking to the electric chair without my final meal, my palms sweating and my tongue swelling to a point where I couldn’t even speak as the teacher called my name and I started the walk to the front of the class. A thousand thoughts would go through my mind on how I could escape this but I never had a chance, so instead I would just stand there with a marker while the teacher would say over and over again what I needed to write whilst the whole class sniggered.

I’m not going to turn this in to my whole school horror story as I am sure we all have them! But yes at the time it was tough, but it was only tough because I didn’t understand why I was different and why I JUST DIDN’T GET IT….. !! Why no matter how hard I tried to concentrate I would still draw a blank, and come home each day from school exhausted. You can imagine then, that I left school with no qualifications and very little idea of what I wanted to do work wise. However, I soon realised that I could get by with lots of grafting and a little bit of charm. This of course worked as I was able to get myself into quite senior roles and to today being a company director in Four companies that were started from scratch.

So the questions I ask myself are the following:

  • Has my dyslexia got me to where I am today?

  • Has my dyslexia been the catalyst to bringing out my entrepreneurship spirit?

  • Would things be different if I had known that some of my struggles were due to dyslexia?

Of course these are just a few questions I ask myself, and to be honest I don’t think I will ever know the answers, and do you what I’m happy with that! So coming back to why I wrote this blog, I guess it’s to say it’s ok not to have all the skills, but applying what you do have and pursuing with yourself will allow you to achieve so much.

Oh and just one more thing, surround yourself with amazing people like I have, who do have the skills to assist you.

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