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Motorway Signs!!!!

Now before we begin the eagle person will see that the signs are in fact written in German and to be honest with dyslexia it always feels like we are seeing things in a different language anyway, but just wanted you to feel what its like when viewing a road sign. So motorway signs are part and parcel of traveling as they guide you to your destination by telling you what lane to get in and at what junction you should come off amongst other things. Now take this from a dyslexia point of view where words are jumbled and take longer to decode the information . In any normal situation you have time to decode and make sense of the information however when you are traveling at speeds of around 60-70 miles an hour you are being put under incredible pressure to make the right junction. Over the years I have and still do miss many junctions and sometimes add hours on to my trips due to not being able to read the signs correctly.

Sat Nav’s do help of course and although not 100% they are essential for all my travels. How do you deal with your travels.

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