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The Man Cove Wellbeing Talk Show and the 'My Trauma,

Welcome everyone to The Man Cove Wellbeing Talk Show and the 'My Trauma, Your Trauma' show. Our interview series. We also have our magazine show. Packed with short segments on all things trauma recovery and wellness info available on on our channel now. The intention of the show is to hear from experts and also those who have experienced trauma. We want to open up the conversation on trauma in a light, open and explorative way. Be it childhood trauma, PTSD from combat, abuse or generalized life traumas such a car accidents, losing loved ones and brake ups. TODAY'S SHOW - SERIES 2 - EPISODE 7. We sat down with Darren Clark who is the Director of the Global Dyslexia Group, partner for international Dyslexia Association and cofounder of KD Consultancy. He is also a international speaker and the SWA Entrepreneur of the year 2019.The global dyslexia group aims to change the SpLD’s all across the world and Darren is hear with us today to talk his story, the impact dyslexia had on his life and career and the mental health effects for those who live with dyslexia. Our Guest Details. Darren Clark

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