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A massive thank you Vic Williams for having me on your show 🙌

In this episode of Vic's Take On, I have Darren Clark on the call. Darren is a serial entrepreneur based in Wiltshire, UK who is an accomplished international speaker and has spoken to thousands of people all over the globe inspiring them with his incredible life story.

His story is unique, despite a difficult childhood of being the victim of vandals, criminals and bullies and unable to complete any significant schooling due to undiagnosed dyslexia, Darren shares how he rose from this adversity and the stereotyping of the estate he grew up on to become a successful, serial entrepreneur who is known worldwide for his charitable work and business.

We speak extensively about how companies can change their practices to become more dyslexic friendly as well as the thing they can do to assist people in the workplace who daily deal with this and other mental health issues. Darren is incredibly insightful and articulate as he discusses with me a topic he is clearly very passionate about. His ideas could be very valuable to you and your organisation. Please click on the links below to connect with Darren and to find out more about some of the other videos we have on this channel.

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