With the spotlight ever increasing on organisations to become more supportive and inclusive places for its employees, its imperative that being a dyslexic friendly organisation is a part of your HR policy and strategic practice. We will spend time with both your employees and line managers inspiring, engaging and educating your team on finding their strengths as a team, understanding how to work with learning differences to ensure maximum productivity but also support. We will then help your organisation put in place SPLD friendly policies and ensure that your organisation is a global leader in this area of inclusion.


Package 1:

SpLD Supportive Employer Package

By enrolling in this package you will gain recognition as an SpLD supportive employer, this shows that you are actively seeking to recognise the impact of SpLDs within the workplace and inspire your team to succeed regardless of learning style. This package includes a 45 minute engaging and educating talk, where co-founder and heavily dyslexic entrepreneur Darren Clark shares his own personal story to success, and his business partner Kelly will engage with practical tips and team building success for the whole team in order to become more SpLD inclusive. This is followed by a 15 minute Q + A, and the company will receive a SpLD supportive employer logo to display.

Package 2:

SpLD comprehensive  Employer Package

As above, but in addition to this, the GDG provide additional training to employees on how to embrace their own skills and manage their difficulties through team building events. These fun sessions not only educate all employees on the particulars of working with a colleague with a learning difference but also how to work as a whole team more effectively generally, honing in on particular strengths of each individual. Trainers will then spend an additional one hour session with members of the management team, training them on how to recognise an employee who may be struggling with a learning difference and how best to manage team members with Splds. The company will then receive a SpLD comprehensive Employer logo to display.

Package 3:

SpLD Fully Inclusive Employer Package​

By booking this package you will be demonstrating the highest level of excellence as an employer, and following the likes of Virgin and GCHQ who have made prominent adjustments for their dyslexic and other SpLD employees. By becoming an SpLD inclusive Employer, you will be able to demonstrate that you are active in recruiting fairly and inclusively of people with learning differences, that you are supportive of all employees and actively provide mechanisms to motivate and inspire them. You will be able to show that you are educated in SpLDs in the workplace and how they can effect teams and individuals comprehensively, and actively provide measures to be fully inclusive to all team members. In addition to this the GDG will write bespoke, HR legally compliant  SpLD employer policies for your organisation and offer 3 month additional email support on any issues arising from an SpLD issue. This package includes all of the above packages in addition and you will receive an SpLD Fully Inclusive employer logo to display and you will be recognised as a leader in your industry.

If you have more particular requirements then we do offer SpLD organisational bespoke packages, please contact us for further information.

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